Before entering construction site,you need to know more about work activities,hazards,dangers and HSE rules on the site.

1. your company should have registered you with the compensation commisioner or
similiar organization.please show your ID card and a copy of your letter of good standing.
2. You are responsible for your own safety and those around you.
3. You are required to provide your own safety boots,the hardhat,safety glasses(not
sunglasses),and reflector vest issued to you must be returned.
4. You are only allowed to enter the site in the company of a site representative.
5. Follow instructions and be alert of the high risk activities around you.
6. Material and or equipment could fall onto you,Be aware of what is above you.
7. Be careful when walking on site as you can fall over equipment,material or into a hole.
8. When there are lifting machinery which has the right of way and the operators’ vision is
limited,Take care and stay out of their way.
9. When there are lifting machines on site, do not walk underneath any hoisted load.
10. There are numerous safety signs on site,take note of these signs and obey the signs.
11. Do not enter any area where white and red tape or physical barricading has been
erected around an activity.
12. Do not climb into excavations or onto any high structures including scaffolding without using safety harness.
13. Do not enter the site when under the influences of alcohol or any other narcotics.
14. Do not get any involved in any physical assault while on site.
15. Report any near miss incident or injury to the Site Management before you leave site.
16. Do not endanger any person while on site.
17. Hand carrier maybe search using a hand-held metal and or explosive detectors or other means,depending on security level.
18. Never learn about work from the accident.



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